From grave health concerns, to cultural and economic consequences, emotional distress and technical challenges, COVID-19 is affecting our lives at many different levels in all regions of the world. To best support members during this time, we have created this Virtual Public Square because we know that even while we must be physically distant at this time, we are always stronger together. Resources here are broken into three categories:

  • Deepen Engagement focuses on disseminating information specific to cultural programming, human rights, and techniques for communicating with your communities today.
  • Take Action provides concrete avenues for action related to COVID-19 and supporting Sites of Conscience at this time.
  • Care for Communities offers spaces for members to come together to share their experiences in supportive environments, as well as tips for self-care during the pandemic.

As always, please feel free to send us your thoughts and suggestions at

Deepen Engagement

COVID-19 Digital Front Page Dialogue Guide

COVID-19 Digital Front Page

Our Digital Front Page Dialogue is one model for engaging your community in constructive conversations on COVID-19.

Conscience Connections: Shared Resources for a Global Community

Resource Newsletter

A weekly roundup of the week’s best resources related to cultural programming, self-care and non-profit management during COVID-19.

COVID-19 Complimentary Consultations

Virtual Consultations

We are offering virtual consultations with our Methodology and Practice team to support your site in navigating current challenges.

Webinar Shorts: Methodology During and After COVID-19

Wednesdays, 10am EST

20-minute virtual sessions devoted to core elements of methodology that can assist sites as they adapt to short- and long-term changes related to COVID-19.

Webinar Series: Civil Liberties, Political Rights and COVID-19

May 7, 2020

Members from Africa, Asia, and Latin America share their related first-hand experiences, and lessons learned about life under COVID-19 lockdowns.

Finding Support: Cultural Programming in Challenging Times

Conscience Matters: A Webinar

This webinar included financial strategies, grant writing tips, and planning for your future projects.

Take Action

A Call for Action

A Call to Action: Philanthropy's Commitment During COVID-19

Engage With Us

From Memory to Action

Follow us on social media for the latest information on Coalition events, resources and how Sites of Conscience are making a difference today.

Webinar Series: Women and COVID-19

May 21, 2020

Partners and members will discuss hurdles women are facing during the pandemic and suggest strategies for offering them support now and in the future.

Webinar Series: How to Discuss COVID-19 Digitally

April 15, 2020

This webinar was based on the Coalition’s COVID-19 Front Page Dialogue,  It is helpful to those planning similar dialogues in their communities.

How Will You Remember?

Documenting COVID-19

Share with us your strategies for engaging with your community today.

Become a Member


The Coalition is the only global network of museums, historic sites and memory initiatives. We help our members through grants, training and networking.

Webinar Series: Create Your Own Media

May 13, 2020

Learn tangible tools to enhance your print and digital media, better engage press, improve marketing, and activate your organization more generally.

Webinar Series: Weddings at Former Plantations

June 5, 2020

What happens when sites of human enslavement, genocide, assassination, incarceration, war, and environmental disaster become the sites of events?

Care for Communities

Collective Care Chats

Collective Care Chats

Bi-weekly virtual chats where regional members gather virtually to share strategies related to self-care, remote working, re-opening, and more.

Webinar Series: Exiled: Migration and Refugee Communities during COVID-19

June 4, 2020

Coalition staff and members from Asia and the Pacific and the Middle East discussed the complex relationship between public health and migration, past and present.

Webinar Series: COVID-19 and Vulnerable Groups

April 23, 2020

Members from Sri Lanka, South Africa and Bosnia and Herzegovina shared strategies for helping vulnerable communities cope during this time.

Webinar Series: Self-Care and Sites of Conscience

May 11, 2020

Join Celeste Matross of the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation – a GIJTR partner – for this webinar focusing on self-care for NGO and museum staff.

Panel Discussion and Workshop: Rethinking the Landscape

Online Event

How can museums and historical societies deepen their understanding of Haudenosaunee culture and develop tools for revisioning exhibitions and programs?

Webinar Series: Activism and Advocacy during the COVID pandemic

June 17, 2020

Practitioners and advocates discussed grassroots organizing strategies to advocate against injustices during this a pandemic.

Webinar Series: Transitional Justice, Atrocity Prevention, and COVID-19

June 18, 2020

Practitioners, activists and survivors from Africa, Asia and Latin America discussed the challenges and lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Self-Care Techniques

Self-Care Techniques

There are many reasons you might be struggling during this pandemic and the resulting lockdown. We put together some tips to help you during this time