“The Coalition helps us understand our audiences better, explore multiple perspectives on painful or controversial topics, and find contemporary relevance in our stories. Year after year, they encourage true excellence in programming at some of the world’s most challenging and meaningful sites.”
– Sean Kelley, Senior Vice President and Director of Interpretation and Public Programming, Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site

The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience is the only worldwide network of historic sites and memory initiatives dedicated to remembering past struggles for justice and addressing their contemporary legacies. We know that places of memory have tremendous power, as testimony to past conflict and as platforms to prevent its repetition. But we also know that the challenges of launching and sustaining a Site of Conscience can be daunting. Not only can it be financially exhausting, it can feel isolating, particularly in communities that are struggling to acknowledge a contentious history.

The Coalition helps members navigate these challenges by offering financial and program support, advocacy and a deep network of seasoned experts, innovative activists and dedicated humanitarians. We hope you’ll consider joining our growing movement today. For more information and an application, please see below.


Who can join?

We welcome any institution that is committed to using history and place to promote human rights today. Members of the Coalition include museums, memorials, historic sites, public parks, memory initiatives and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). They are connected by their dedication to the operating principles of Sites of Conscience, which state that these special places:

  • Interpret history through site
  • Engage the public in programs that stimulate dialogue on pressing social issues
  • Share opportunities for public involvement and positive action on the issues raised at the site
  • Promote justice and universal cultures of human rights


Academic Affiliates Program

We also have an Academic Affiliates Program for universities and other educational institutions interested in joining. For more information, click here. To apply, click here.


Why join?

Your membership is valid for one year from the date that you join, giving you access to a range of benefits, including direct grants, program support, networking opportunities and advocacy.


How much does it cost?

Your annual membership fee is proportional to the size of your organization’s annual budget:

  • Less than $99,999: Pay what you can; suggested $100
  • $100,000-$299,999: $200
  • $300,000-$999,999: $400
  • $1,000,000-$4,999,999: $600
  • Over $5,000,000: $800


How do I join?

To join the Coalition, you must complete an application, which will then undergo an internal review. You will be notified of your membership status shortly thereafter. To download our application, click here and e-mail the completed form to Linda Norris at: memberinfo@sitesofconscience.org

Or mail your application to:

International Coalition of Sites of Conscience
55 Exchange Place, Suite 404
New York, NY  10005

For any questions about membership or methods of payment, please contact the Coalition’s membership at: memberinfo@sitesofconscience.org

Already a member? Renewing is easy!
If you are already a member and would like to renew, please contact memberinfo@sitesofconscience.org.