Addison Road Community Centre – Living Museum (Australia)

The Addison Road Community Organisation’s Living Museum is located in Marrickville, in the heart of Sydney’s Inner West, on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. The site – for 60 years an Army Depot – has been a community centre since 1976, when it was won for community use by local residents, social workers, ethnic welfare groups, artists and environmentalists.

‘Addi Road’ is home to more than 20 community organisations and studios, galleries, a theatre, radio station, park and gardens. The centre is cared for and managed by the Addison Road Community Organisation, an independent charity that works and advocates for social justice, human rights, environmental action and the arts.

The Addi Road Living Museum program aims to unearth, share and develop the history of this dynamic and culturally diverse site. Home to the Gadigal people for over 40,000 years, this place was a dairy and market garden in the mid-nineteenth century; an Army Depot from 1916; a site of protest against military conscription in the 1960s and a leader in multiculturalism from the 1970s. Projects of the Addi Road Living Museum include the collection of oral histories, images and artefacts; community history events; publications and interpretive works such as our Heritage Trail and Honour Roll for Peace.

for Peace.

Addison Road Community Centre – Living Museum (Australia)
142 Addison Rd
Marrickville 2204