Hopelantern Space (Rwanda)

Hopelantern Space is a creative space that engages the community through programs that promote learning, social change, and cohesion. Hopelantern Space creates engaging-artistic and creative programs in a variety of mediums such as exhibitions, screenings, conferences, films, workshops, play, talks, and other interactive activities.

The main goal of the organization is to become an open and inclusive community space that creatively influences learning, social change, and cohesion for a more informed, inspired, compassionate, and just community. Other goals of the organization include the promotion of social change through increasing awareness on issues that affect peace, education, human rights, and the environment. etc. In addition, the organization supports social cohesion through fun programs and projects. Finally, Hopelantern Spaces provides inclusive and creative learning platforms for community enlightenment.


Hopelantern Space (Rwanda)
Kigali Gasabo 250