Khulumani (South Africa)

Khulumani was founded in 1995 by women survivors of apartheid gross human rights violations when the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in South Africa was being debated in Parliament without input from or consultation with victims and survivors. Khulumani did major outreach to communities to alert them about the coming TRC processes with its promises of redress for the political crimes of the past. Khulumani developed community-based, victim-driven processes of transitional justice towards restoring the dignity and agency of all who had been harmed by the crimes of the past.

Today, the organization continues this mission by working toward an inclusive, just and peaceful society in which the dignity of people harmed by gross violation of human rights is restored through 1) sustained advocacy for social justice and human rights; 2) community narrative and documentation processes; 3) social reconciliation processes; 4) the economic reintegration of victims and survivors; and though 5) developing learning communities to provide health, psycho-social, socio-economic and paralegal services.

Khulumani (South Africa)
Khulumani National Contact Centre
Office 227, 2nd Floor, Khotso House, 62 Marshall Street
Johannesburg 2107
South Africa