National Human Rights Museum

On Taiwan’s way to democracy, people suffered, resisted and triumphed, but many of their stories were ignored, or even forgotten. The National Human Rights Museum in Taiwan was established to ensure those stories are heard, remembered and circulated. The two main locations are Green Island Park and Jingmei Park. Green Island Park was a prison island and Jingmei Park was a site of military trials where political prisoners detained, prosecuted, tried and imprisoned during White Terror Times.

The museum itself shares interviews with victims and their families, personal oral histories and locates sites of injustice all over Taiwan. They hold exhibitions of contemporary arts for visitors to recognize the locations even though some of the sites have no trace of their history at all. Aside from White-Terror-related human rights, the museum also holds educational events regarding various human rights issues, including lectures, seminars, workshops and film festivals.

National Human Rights Museum
No. 131號, Fuxing Road
Xindian District
New Taipei City 231