Remembering the Ones We Lost

Remembering the Ones We Lost documents and preserves the names of those lost to South Sudan’s conflicts, and builds memorials across the country to honour them in order to remind the people of South Sudan to never again use violence to settle differences. The organization’s activities include:

  • Developing documentation projects, designing memorials and organizing events and trainings within the remit of the organizational objectives.
  • Conducting research and publishing information on the various projects of the organization.
  • Cooperating and engaging in suitable joint ventures with other non-governmental organizations, and international agencies with similar objectives.
  • Creating public awareness on these issues and marketing the organization to South Sudanese people and refugees so that they can participate in the organization’s activities.
  • Promoting networking and partnership with civil society organizations, donor agencies and potential partners in the private sector.


Remembering the Ones We Lost
P.O. Box 26879
Kampala Uganda