Syrians Without Borders (Turkey)

Syrians Without Borders is a non-profit and civil society organization, established by a group of young Syrians living in exile, each participating according to their specialization and expertise to provide support for the Syrian people and the creation of a free Syria. The organization has no political, religious, or sectarian goals, but serves the Syrian people.

Its aims are the following :

  1. Foster the development of a sense of community, sharing values of justice, democracy, and liberty.
  2. Provide basic free health care for all levels of society.
  3. Preserve Syrian cultural heritage, and its transmission to the next generations through the development of educational programs.
  4. Promote women’s rights in Syria, and help them have a level standard of living.
  5. Encourage environmental conscientiousness.
  6. Promote education through access to e-leaning opportunities.
Syrians Without Borders (Turkey)
Istanbul Turkey