Transform 1012 N. Main Street

Transform 1012 N. Main Street (TNMS) is a coalition and community-led 501(c)(3) that is transforming the former Ku Klux Klan Klavern No. 101 Auditorium in Fort Worth, Texas, into The Fred Rouse Center for Arts and Community Healing, named after a local Black resident lynched in 1921. TNMS honors Mr. Rouse by uncovering and sharing this history and naming the building in his memory. 

This radical adaptive reuse project sits at the intersection of reparative justice, anti-racism work, spatial justice, inter-and intra- group healing, and the arts, and will commemorate those who have suffered from racially and culturally directed violence and oppression. The project is led by a pluricultural leadership team that represents and/or serves the groups negatively impacted by the historic presence of the KKK in Fort Worth and seeks to return resources to these communities and constituencies.

Transform 1012 N. Main Street
1012 N. Main St
Fort Worth Texas 76164
United States