Whitman Mission National Historic Site (United States)

Whitman Mission National Historic Site, located near Walla Walla, Washington, a site of early interactions between United States citizens and Indian nations, preserves a sacred piece of Weyiiletpuu homeland, interprets the tragic events surrounding the early 19th-century Christian mission, memorializes those who died there, works to promote a deeper understanding of the lasting impact of this history, and provides opportunities for healing from the associated historical trauma.

The different interests and ideologies of the two groups lead to tension that resulted in death on both sides. The events surrounding the end of the mission were a direct catalyst for expansion of the United States into the Pacific Northwest. The events continue influence attitudes and practices today.

The Division of Interpretation works to provide a variety of visitor services that explore the themes of religion, land management practices and social justice. Programs strive to present an inclusive history that includes multiple perspectives and a forum for sharing to promote understanding and healing.

Whitman Mission National Historic Site (United States)
328 Whitman Mission Road
Walla Walla WA 99362
United States