Engaging the public in contentious conversations is not easy, but it is often necessary. For twenty years, the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience has helped museums, historic sites and other public spaces become dynamic centers for community engagement through personalized training solutions grounded in the work of thought leaders, educators and human rights advocates around the world.

Supported by the time-tested methodologies of over 300 members, our interactive trainings will guide your team from insight to implementation, and are designed to suit the unique experience and opportunities at your institution. The following trainings are offered to members of the Coalition as well as non-members. Members receive a discount and can gain further access to related toolkits and best practices through our Resource Center. To view a list of organizations trained, click here. To view our training brochure, click here.

Please note That we are adapting Our Trainings to Virtual Formats During the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information or to book a training, please email training@sitesofconscience.org.


Dialogue on Difficult Histories

Applying decades of facilitation experience, our trainers equip your team with the tools to navigate difficult or contested histories – challenging visitor preconceptions, fostering dialogue and sparking civic action that enables the past to galvanize the future. To learn more about dialogue facilitation, click here.


Strategic Planning

We use a holistic approach in developing dynamic, achievable and measurable strategic plans – supporting collaboration across teams and encouraging individual agency and accountability at all levels – in order to lay the foundation for lasting organizational change.


Diversity and Inclusion

Our mentorship helps your team do the internal work necessary to create more equitable organizations. We carry out institutional audits and help you craft policies and processes to sustain your commitment to inclusion in areas such as talent management, board development, and interpretive planning.


Interpretive Planning

Working with your internal and external stakeholders, we help identify your organization’s most compelling stories, find contemporary relevance and design dialogic experiences that provoke thought, inspire compassion and encourage action on today’s most pressing issues.


Exhibit Consultation

We work with your organization’s team throughout the development and design process to craft audience-centered exhibitions that spark the onsite exchange and reflection necessary to foster lasting social change locally and globally


Community-based Memorialization

Using our singular, proven methodology, we bring together diverse groups and stakeholders to catalyze collective decision-making processes, helping individual communities contextualize their contentious histories and come to terms with difficult pasts as a platform for changing the future.


Jumpstart Your Creativity

Creativity is important to all fields, not just the arts. In Creative Practice workshops, we assist cultural organizations in deepening their understanding of how creativity works and can be used to better engage communities and staff. Participants will gain practical knowledge as well as concrete tools to put creativity to work in solving problems large and small.

For more information or to book a training, please email training@sitesofconscience.org.