National Museums Liverpool (UK)

National Museums Liverpool (NML) is a group of eight museums and galleries, sharing important stories from ancient times to today through collections consisting of four million objects of global importance.

Asociación Pasaje Begoña – Spain

Asociación Pasaje Begoña is a Spanish organization located in the city of Torremolinos, Malaga. The association was established in January 2018 with the primary objective of recovering the historical memory

Centre for Cultural Management

Located in Lviv, Ukraine, the Centre for Cultural Management initiates, engages in and supports activities that catalyze positive cultural change in Ukraine at the individual, organizational and societal levels; and

Syrian Network for Human Rights

An independent, Syrian human rights organization, the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) was established in June 2011. The SNHR works on documenting human rights violations in Syria and has

Museu Nacional Resistência e Liberdade

The Fortress of Peniche became a symbol of resistance and the fight for freedom when political prisoners were released on 27 April 1974. This historical, military and prison building became

Gallery 11/07/95

Gallery 11/07/95 is the first memorial gallery in Bosnia and Herzegovina – an exhibition space aiming to preserve the memory of the Srebrenica tragedy and the 8372 persons who perished in the

Memorium Nuremberg Trials

Located at the historic venue, the Memorium Nuremberg Trials informs with a permanent exhibition about the background, conduct, and subsequent effects of the trials against leading representatives of the Nazi


PAX means peace. For over 70 years PAX, the Dutch peace organization, has worked together with people in post-conflict areas and concerned citizens to build just, inclusive and peaceful societies

Museum of British Colonialism

The Museum of British Colonialism is a collective based in Kenya and the United Kingdom founded to communicate a more truthful account of British colonialism. Their pilot project focuses on