The LILLIPUT PLUS project is an initiative of the multidisciplinary Lilliput Network and the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience – Europe (the Coalition) to pilot and systematize a new methodology for European historic museums and cultural centers to more effectively engage families in their programming. The project, awarded under the Erasmus + KA210-ADU – Small-scale partnerships in adult education funding line, aims to advance Sites of Conscience’s mission to activate the role of historic museums transforming them into dynamic spaces for civic engagement and active participation.

From March to October 2022, three European Sites of Conscience will test the Lilliput Kit, a methodology created by the Lilliput Network to improve the overall museum experience for families with children including but not limited to museums’ activities, accessibility, inclusion, and learning.

The collective knowledge produced will be shared during a three-day international workshop in Genoa, Italy, from September 26-28, 2022. The workshop will bring together other European Sites of Conscience, historic museums, cultural centers and experts on family education across Europe, and it will be used as a platform for exchange and partnership development in enhancing the role of museums in our societies.

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Participating European Sites of Conscience